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What does HIWCF fund?

HIWCF makes grants across Hampshire (including Portsmouth and Southampton) and the Isle of Wight. The majority of HIWCF funding is prioritised for community organisations (a small number of funds provide support to individuals).

Where do HIWCF funds come from?

Our grant-making programmes are generously funded by donors – these include local companies, individuals, families, charitable trusts, government agencies and local partnerships. We work with our donors to highlight important funding issues within local communities. The majority of our donors prefer to support smaller community organisations that are based in and working for the communities of Hampshire (including Southampton and Portsmouth) and/or the Isle of Wight.

How likely am I to receive a grant?

All HIWCF grant programmes receive more applications than we can fund.

To help community organisations target their time towards grant programmes that they are eligible for, we use an ‘Eligibility Form’. When you apply to any of our open funding programmes you will be required to complete an Eligibility Form before accessing the Application Form. The Eligibility Form asks you 10 simple tick-box questions about your organisation and your funding needs. If you are not sure whether your organisation or project idea meets the criteria, please contact us on 01962 798700.

What makes a strong application?

HIWCF runs grant programmes of all shapes and sizes. Please check our grants page for details of grant programmes that are open, or soon to open.

While the aims and themes of these grant programmes may differ, there are some elements that HIWCF looks for in all strong applications:

Where can I get more details about how to make an application/ HIWCF’s grant making process?

Do you have a Complaints Procedure?

Yes, HIWCF has a Complaints Procedure that can be accessed here:

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