Dayas Music Scholarship

In her Will Mrs Hayton, nee Dayas, left a sum of money to be used to create a perpetual music scholarship, preferably but not necessarily for pianoforte.

Scholarships are to enable individuals to undertake studies or projects in connection with composition, conducting, instrumental performance, singing, music in education and musicology.

  • Exceptionally, Scholarships may be available in connection with international tuition.
  • For an exceptional project showing imagination, innovation and enterprise a special award may be offered up to twice the maximum award.

Applicants may only receive one grant per year. Those awarded may not apply for a further award for 5 years.

Need help?

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Programme Overview

  • Status: Open
  • Opening Date: 31/10/2022
  • Closing Date: 31/11/2023
  • Minimum Grant: £50
  • Maximum Grant: £600
  • Location: Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton
    Causes Music Scholarship


General Eligibility

Applicants must be over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit.
A measure of priority will be given for pianoforte study.

Target Beneficiaries.

Individuals undertaking musical tuition, especially those providing a community benefit.
Scholarships are not available to subsidise other awards or scholarships for Further Education or Higher Education.

Acceptable Projects

  • Tuition costs for an individual which will allow them to progress their own music abilities
  • Tuition that will benefit a wider group, e.g. those performing in hospitals, schools or for other community events.
  • Scholarships can cover tuition for playing an instrument, singing, conducting or composition.
  • Scholarships can cover any genre of music
  • Expenses associated with an individual’s music project, e.g. making a recording, hire of a performance venue.


  • Individuals NOT resident in Hampshire, Portsmouth or Southampton
  • Not available for the purchase of instruments or equipment
  • Not accepted from those in full-time education and/or college or university education
  • National charities
  • International travel (Unless in connection with specific international project)
  • Any party political activity
  • Commercial ventures
  • Proselytising activities, ie active promotion of a specific religion or belief system