Get Active, Get Involved
(Hampshire Playing Fields Fund)

“Get Active Get Involved” retains the aim of the Hampshire Playing Fields Fund to support sport and physical activity – and widens the scope to ensure a broad and inclusive range of community based sport and physical activity which helps everyone get active.

Our definition of community sports and physical activity is broad and inclusive; eligible ways to get your community active include seated keep-fit, cricket, Nordic walking, swimming, running clubs, football, wheelchair sport clubs, tai chi, rugby, movement/ dance sessions for preschoolers, sport for a community of interest, yoga, dance, netball, and table tennis… to name just a few ideas (please note that these are examples and not a definitive list).

‘Get Active, Get Involved’ offers 12-month grants of £1,000- £5,000 for not-for-profit community organisations. The fund will only make grants to organisations based in AND supporting work within Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton, and the Isle of Wight.

HIWCF: ‘Get Active, Get Involved’ is administered by HIWCF. HIWCF’s core aim is to tackle poverty and inequality. This grant programme is designed to support this goal by meeting our impact theme around ‘health and wellbeing’.

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Programme Overview

Status: Open
Opening Date: 22/01/2024
Closing Date: 27/02/2024
Minimum Grant: £1,000
Maximum Grant: £5,000
Location: Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight


‘Get Active, Get Involved’ Criteria: The health and wellbeing projects that this grant programme will fund need to meet ALL THREE of the following programme criteria. If bids are not clear about ALL elements, they will be scored as ineligible based on a poor fit with the programme criteria.

1) The community organisation making the application should either (i) have a core aim to support, promote and engage communities with games, sports, and physical activity and/ or (ii) have a core aim to maintain community spaces where communities can access games, sports, and physical activity.

Please note that we will not fund statutory bodies such as schools or councils.


2) The application should be clear how the activity funded will be open to the local community and work to reach new and/ or under-represented communities. Your application should show how you work to remove barriers to local people accessing your activities/ spaces.


3) The application must be supported by a safeguarding policy belonging to the applicant organisation. If you utilise the safeguarding policy of a national organisation please indicate at the start of your policy how this is adopted locally, regularly reviewed, and who within your local organisation leads and champions safeguarding.

Additional Criteria:

– Your grant application can be for new or existing community activities.

– This fund is for grass-roots organisations and is open to applicants with an annual income under £1million.

Budget Costs: Please see the budget headings below for examples of what this grant can be used for:

* Staff costs: We can cover the costs of paid staff who help run your sporting/ physical activities. For example, a Coach who runs netball training sessions. If you would like a contribution towards administrative staff who help make your delivery possible, please add this under ‘core costs’ on your project budget (see below).    

* Volunteer costs: We can cover out of pocket costs for volunteers (for example a bus fare to attend sessions). We can also cover volunteer training and development that is linked to running your sporting/ physical activities. We can cover DBS checks.

* Activity costs: You may need costs to help run your activity sessions – the hire of a venue/ pitch, posters, soft drinks, a first aid kit (this is not an exhaustive list of examples). If you buy equipment that is under £50 per item (e.g. 10 footballs) or disposable items (e.g. paper plates) please include this under ‘activity costs’ and not ‘equipment’. We welcome the inclusion of training costs that many help you grow or strengthen your sporting provision.

* Equipment: We can cover the costs of replacing or repairing equipment that you use for community activities. We can also cover new equipment to widen your range of activities, or the number of people that you reach. Equipment for individual ownership will not be considered. Please include under ‘equipment’ items that are over £50 per item. Note: We are not a capital funder and are unlikely to approve grants for equipment that exceeds £1,000 per item, or where there is an outstanding balance that you are still fundraising for. We will not fund capital works to buildings or large capital items like rollers or ride-on mowers. Please call to discuss applying for larger items of equipment before making an application.  

*Core Costs: We will consider a contribution from the grant towards the running costs of this delivery. This should only be a portion of your grant request. For example, you may want to use £200 of your £2,000 grant towards the office staff member who sends out your newsletter, promotes your sessions and does the paperwork for volunteer expenses.


– We will not fund national charities where local branches cannot demonstrate local independence in terms of governance, bank accounts etc.

– We will not fund community organisations that do not have their own safeguarding policy; if you are using a national policy please show how this is adopted at a local level.

– We will not fund capital costs or refurbishments of buildings. Please call to discuss if you are considering applying for a large item of equipment.

– We will not fund any provision that is a statutory requirement or is profit-making.  

– We will not fund work with school age children within the school day (we will fund work after school/ at weekends etc).

– We will not fund elite sport/ sport bursaries – this is a community funding programme.

– We will not fund equipment for individuals – any equipment purchased by the fund should be made available for community use.  

– We will not fund one off events.

What does a strong application look like?

We always have a high number of bids for the Get Active, Get Involved – Formerly Hampshire Playing Fields Fund. To help us understand how your bid matches our criteria you must meet all three of our programme criteria detailed above.

Please have a read of these case studies as examples of work that meet all three of our programme criteria. All examples are fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.

Footie Friends, based in Basingstoke. This charity supports older people to be active and involved in local football sessions. It will use a Get Active, Get Involved grant of £3,000 to cover the coaching costs for its new women’s group and to upgrade balls used by all three of its groups.

How does this bid meet the programme criteria?

(1) Footie Friends has a core aim to run three weekly sessions for local people who want to be involved in football training and matches. Two sessions are for men aged 60+ years old. It has recently set up a session for women aged 50+ years old and is seeking to build on this work.

(2)The sessions have an inclusive message – people can just attend training sessions with no pressure to be involved in competitive games/ matches. The women’s group is led by a women’s coach and volunteers. There is no cost to attend the sessions and sessions are promoted through a variety of partner organisations including the local GP surgery.

(3)Footie Friends linked with its local Council for Voluntary Service to write its own safeguarding policy; this policy is reviewed every two years. The Chair of the trustees is the safeguarding lead. There is a strong organisational commitment to make sure that volunteers and staff are DBS checked and that there are sections about safeguarding in the staff and volunteer handbook.

Long-Fields Committee, based in Southampton. This constituted community group is linked to a local community hall that has a community green space surrounding it. The community group supports the maintenance of this space and helps to co-ordinate the community groups who use the outdoor area. It will use a Get Active, Get Involved grant of £3,200 to cover small repairs to two of its existing goals. It will also cover the costs of volunteer training for two local people who are involved in running the junior cricket team that operates twice a week on Long-Fields.

How does this bid meet the programme criteria?

(1) The Long-Fields Committee is run by a team of local volunteers who are all committed to involving local people in the use of this outdoor space.

(2)The green space is well utilised by a wide range of local people. The cricket and football activities that this grant will contribute towards are free and advertised locally.

(3) The Long-Fields Committee used to ‘borrow’ the local community hall’s safeguarding policy, but in 2020 worked to adapt that safeguarding policy to increase its relevance e.g. safeguarding support and checks for coaching volunteers, and guidance around transporting people to offsite matches. One of the Committee leads on the policy, utilising their background as a teacher. The policy is re-signed annually by the Committee to make sure it is up to date.   



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