“We lost around 35 members and 3 teams during March and September 2020” explains Dragos Cavasdan, City Central Youth Football Club’s (CCYFC) chairman, “everyone was concerned and anxious about returning to play and spontaneous unexpected costs increased – therefore, the main objective was just to survive.”  

CCYFC is a grassroots community club providing sporting activities to youngsters from more than 10 nationalities in Southampton and “aims to develop kids on and off the pitch”. The club had a healthy 15 years under its belt when crisis came in the shape of the pandemic. The club was awarded £3,501 as part of Made By Sport ‘Clubs in Crisis’ fund to help it get back on its feet and to develop a new girls’ football team – a need identified by the club’s coaches.   

On receiving news of the grant funding, Dragos said: “We are now more than confident that we will be able to recruit and grow the number of our members from 50 back to a previous club high of 90. On behalf on City Central Youth FC, our members, stakeholders and families, we thank you for your decision and your support in our development.”