Hampshire High Sheriff Awards

Celebrating local organisations and individuals going above and beyond

The High Sheriff of Hampshire Community Awards recognise the work of public servants, volunteers and community groups who have made an extraordinary contribution to Hampshire communities. The awards recognise those who have gone above and beyond in the field of law and order and community justice, while celebrating those who enhance safety and social cohesion across the county. This year, awards will particularly recognise the individual volunteers and volunteer driven groups who support the criminal justice system, both those within the system, or those whose efforts are focused on deterrence, diversion or similar social cohesion activities in their local community.

The High Sheriff is one of the oldest Crown Offices, dating back to before the Battle of Hastings. As the Sheriff’s powers increased, they were considered to be a threat and in 1540 Henry VIII created Lord Lieutenants to take over the military duties. To this day both the Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff are appointed by, and are representatives of, the Sovereign with the High Sheriff being responsible for keeping the King’s Peace.

High Sheriff of Hampshire, 2023-24, Amelia Rivière

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