Montagu Neville Durnford and Saint Leo Cawthan Fund - 2024

The aim of this grant programme is to fund projects supporting Portsmouth residents aged 50 and over who are living hard and challenging lives, with priority being given to projects supporting Naval men and women or their widows/ widowers.


The fund offers 12 months grants of £1,000 – £5,000 for nonprofit community organisations. The fund will only make grants to organisations based in AND supporting work within Portsmouth City. Your project can fund work that is one to one (such as counselling) as well as work on a group basis.


HIWCF: HIWCF administers this grant programme. This grant programme is designed to support HIWCF’s core aims through meeting our impact themes around ‘Flourishing Communities’ and ‘Poverty and Inequality’.  


Please see the application form guidance.


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Programme Overview

Status: Open
Opening Date: 28/03/2024
Closing Date: 14/05/2024
Minimum Grant: £1,000
Maximum Grant: £5,000 
Location: Portsmouth


Applications to this fund should meet BOTH of the following programme criteria. If bids are not clear about all elements, they will be scored as ineligible based on a poor fit with the programme criteria.


1) Your application must be for work that reaches Portsmouth residents, over the age of 50 years old who are living hard and challenging lives. Priority will be given to projects with links to Naval servicemen and women – please make this clear in your bid.


2) Your application must demonstrate how it seeks to support the above target group in one or more of the following ways: 

– Projects that support older people’s independence in their own home. This can include supported transport to help access local services, befriending visits, or advice about how to access support/ benefits.

– Projects that support older people’s health and wellbeing. This could be targeted exercise and movement classes or support with mental health. This can include counselling and support groups.

– Projects that support older people living in poverty, this can include targeted work by foodbanks and pantries. This can also include advice work.   

– Projects that tackle social isolation for older people. This could be regular support groups or activity groups, or targeted schemes such as befriending.

– Projects that support older people to access new skills. This could be classes to help people explore new technology, or to tackle practical tasks like cooking for themselves, or doing online banking.


Additional Criteria:

– Your grant application can be for new or existing community activities and services.

Budget Costs: We want to help you run these activities over a 12-month period, so will cover staff and volunteer costs, activity costs and a proportionate contribution to the core costs of your organisation to deliver this work. 



– We will only fund organisations based in and active in Portsmouth. We will not fund national charities – this fund is for work that is delivered by organisations led and shaped by people from Portsmouth.

– We will not fund community organisations with an annual income over £1 million.

– We will not fund capital costs, refurbishments of buildings, or large items of equipment. 

– We will not fund one-off events.

– We will not fund any provision that is a statutory requirement or is profit-making.  


What does a strong application look like?

Please have a read of case study below as an example of a suitable project. The example is fictitious and for illustrative purposes only.  


Forever Friends, based in Portsmouth. This charity supports isolated older people; 20% of its participants are retired from the Navy. It wants to run a weekly music group where older people meet, play music together and have a good chat. It will use a grant of £4,500 towards activity costs and a part-time Activities Co-ordinator to run the group.