National Emergencies Trust FAQ’s

National Emergencies Trust (NET) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NET appeal?

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) has launched an appeal to raise funds to help local charities support individuals who are suffering hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The public appeal has been launched in partnership with the British Red Cross who will be managing donations.

The NET will distribute money to a number of charitable organisations, primarily through community foundations, to ensure it reaches those who need it most.

Why were community foundations chosen as distribution partners?

Our network covers the whole of the UK and has an unparalleled reach into local communities. Each Community Foundation has an in-depth understanding of their local area, what the priority needs are and how best to address these issues, so they can ensure the funding goes where it is most needed and can make the most impact.

Community Foundations are well-placed to provide emergency relief because they understand the needs of their locality and are able to convene with relevant partners and mobilise quickly. Being well-established in their communities, Community Foundations hold a position of trust and draw on existing relationships with local donors.

How can the public make donations?

Donations can be made at:

Or through the following on-line giving platforms: Just Giving, Go Fund Me, Virgin Money Gives, Good Launch, Muslim Giving.

The Big Give are running a match-funding campaign with £432k available. The campaign will run for the next month, (beginning March 2020.)

How will Community Foundations be involved?

Community foundations will be the main distributing partners of the NET appeal. NET is currently directing charities and groups (not individuals) to the UKCF network page to identify their local CF.

NET are keen for the criteria to be as flexible and responsive as possible. This means that CFs will be able to set their own criteria for allocating grants which will depend on the need in their areas.

Community foundations will have the flexibility in designing the Programme locally but in the first phase the focus will be on immediate relief. This means grants will be awarded to help organisations respond to the immediate needs experienced in the coronavirus crisis. For example, to help hire or purchase equipment, hire transport, or cover volunteer expenses.

What kind of groups will the Programme support?

  • Organisations that support the ongoing needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained
  • Organisations in support of activities that relieve pressure on local statutory services, particularly emergency or health and social care provision, or compliment their response
  • Groups and activities that support vulnerable people self-isolating (the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions etc)
  • Support for foodbanks and organisations working to combat hardship caused by the pandemic including child hunger
  • Community response coordination
  • Organisations or informal groups that have been specifically established to respond to the crisis
  • Volunteer costs for new and existing organisations responding to the effect of the crisis
  • Additional costs of working remotely and adapting services delivered in the wider community
  • Additional support as required for emotional support, mental health and bereavement support

Secondarily, and if funds allow:

  • Support for organisations that provide support for vulnerable groups to counter the loss of income and fundraising which can be directly linked to the pandemic

When will these funds be available to Community Foundations?

NET will make the first funds available to community foundations by the close of business on 27th March 2020.

Who can apply for grants?

Monetary grants will be available to local charities and groups, not individuals.

Eligible organisations

Voluntary and community organisations, including but not limited to:

  • registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations
  • constituted organisations and non-registered charities
  • community interest companies and community benefit societies (Community Foundations can use their own policy)
  • parish and town councils (if the funded activity is not deemed part of their statutory duties)
  • Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)
  • Churches and other religious organisations (if the funded activity is not deemed to be proselytising).
  • At Community Foundations’ discretion, other voluntary community organisations or those not constituted but deemed appropriate by the Community Foundation under this Programme would be eligible, with appropriate endorsement from the statutory body, charity, parochial church council etc.
  • At Community Foundations’ discretion, organisations that operate in more than one Community Foundation area can apply but Community Foundations are encouraged to communicate with one another about any concerns. I.e. if a national organisation is contacting a high number of Community Foundations for funding then this may result in an Applicant receiving multiple grants from this Programme.

Not Eligible Under This Programme

  • Grants that are solely for the provision of bursaries to individuals or families cannot be awarded. However, other provisions such as emergency food parcels or other items can be purchased and distributed to their beneficiaries. For example, foodbanks that are low on supplies of specific items.
  • Individuals cannot apply
  • Statutory bodies such as city and county councils or health institutions cannot apply

How much money can grantees apply for?

The size of grants will be decided by each community foundation but decisions are likely to vary based on the size of the organisation and their capacity to manage and spend the amount awarded

However, NET anticipate the majority to be small £1-10k, with a smaller number of larger grants for larger organisations or those covering a larger geographic area, and those leading on strategic, coordinated and partnership work.

Will any funds be available for core costs of charities who are struggling to survive?

In the first phase the focus will be on providing grants to groups and activities that provide immediate relief in response to the coronavirus crisis. If funds allow, at a later point, grants may become available for organisations that provide support for vulnerable groups to counter the loss of income and fundraising which can be directly linked to the pandemic.

Will the Appeal support individuals?

The monies raised from the NET Appeal will be used to directly support local charities and groups that will be providing vital support to communities during the Coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist with individual requests for support.

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