Publicising Your Grant

If you are successful in receiving an HIWCF grant, we would really appreciate your support in publicising this information through your marketing. This helps to raise the profile of our Community Foundation and will encourage other groups to apply for funding.

As per the conditions of your grant, please ensure that any publicity directly relating to the project funded acknowledges HIWCF where possible.

Quotations and press releases

Please do send us a quotation about your grant, explaining how the funding will help your organisation to make a difference to your beneficiaries, we may use this in press releases, annual reports or reports to our donors. We also ask that you please acknowledge your HIWCF grant in your own press releases or when speaking to reporters or journalists, and we are happy to provide a tailored quotation for these purposes. If you are issuing a media release you may use the following information about HIWCF: The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF) is an independent charitable trust established to inspire local giving for local need. The Community Foundation works both with donors who want to give something back to their local communities and voluntary groups providing vital services for local people. Companies, individuals, families and trusts can establish a fund with the Foundation, which supports a growing programme of grant-making to communities. HIWCF is part of a national network of 46 Community Foundations, one of the fastest growing philanthropic movements in the UK. For more information about the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation, applying for a grant or supporting the Foundation’s work, please visit Please download our template press release which you are welcome to adapt and send to your media contacts.


A great photo can help tell your charity’s story and can often convey much more than words!

Here are a few tips that will help you deliver compelling photographs for your charity:

1. Make sure you get consent from people if you take photos of them. Anyone in the photo must understand how the images will be used.

You can let people know by:

– Making an announcement
– Verbally speaking to individuals
– Displaying notices
– A written consent form

If you are sending the photos to HIWCF then your photo consent policy should include a clause that states you may share them with a third party (HIWCF).

2. Add a human element – although your new facility is beautiful or your products look great, a photo of an inanimate object will never pull at somebody’s heartstrings so get your members/service users/clients in the photo.

3. You don’t need high-tech equipment. Camera phones are fine to use, just remember:

– Hold them still to ensure they are in focus and not blurry
– Ensure you have enough light
– Don’t use effects on your phone

4. Get close to your ‘subject’ to see their facial expressions. Don’t use the zoom which will decrease the quality.

5. Staged photos are fine for some occasions like awards ceremonies but capturing your service users in action and taking part in activities will increase the user’s emotional engagement. Show real people in real situations to demonstrate the impact your work has. Don’t be afraid of action shots – they capture the moment and convey energy that feels genuine and trustworthy.

6. World-class photographers take many, many photos before they get the perfect shot so snap away and take multiple shots of the same things so that you can make choices later.

7. When sending your photos to HIWCF:

– Provide them to us as a high-resolution photo – above 1MB
– Supply photos as high quality .JPGs, .PNGs or .TIFFs
– Send via email, through wetransfer, or Dropbox

Using the HIWCF Logo

The HIWCF logo should, if possible, be used in all marketing and publicity materials for the project and resources for which you have received funding (including leaflets, flyers, annual reports, website and social media).

In addition, for some HIWCF grants, we may also require you to use the donor’s logo on all your marketing and publicity materials. Please check with if you require further clarification on this.

Please download our HIWCF logo here:



HIWCF Transparent logo

Social Media

If you would like to share social media posts about your grant, please share these with us on the details below, so that we can help spread the word about the great work you are doing. If you have videos that demonstrate your work and how HIWCF grants are helping your beneficiaries, please send the original video files to for inclusion on our HIWCF YouTube channel.

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