HIWCF has a long history of supporting volunteers, with grants provided to cover expenses, training, development and other needs. Many of the community groups across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight would find it virtually impossible to operate without their army of volunteers working on the front line carrying out their duties to support vulnerable people in need. Through HIWCF grants, charities and local community groups can ensure they are able to comply with the latest legislation and training requirements.

HIWCF supports a wide range of volunteers, from those working at their local Home Start organisation providing invaluable support to parents struggling on a daily basis with young children, to those volunteers providing weekly assistance in serving a meal or a cup of tea for older people at their local luncheon club, and each of these volunteers are integral to the smooth running of their organisation.

Volunteering offers many benefits to employees, companies who allow their staff to volunteer during work time and the voluntary sector. Individuals can gain much needed work experience helping them in their search for employment, while it also offers a platform for exchange between the corporate and voluntary sector allowing valuable skills and knowledge to be shared.

By last year HIWCF had supported 95,694 volunteers across 2,584 organisations, an increase of over 86,000 individuals since 2009. Please click below to download a pdf showing HIWCF statistics on volunteering since 2009.

Grant Awarded Organisations – Volunteers

The photograph above shows members of Winchester Live at Home Scheme day tripping with some of the organisations volunteers.