Set Up a Fund

HIWCF will work with you to ensure that your new fund is unique and personal to you and tailored to meet your specific charitable giving requirements. 

Before the fund is set up we will talk through what is the most suitable fund for you, matching your fund model with your circumstances and aspirations for your philanthropy. Once your donation is received, we will invest it with one of our investment houses in the case of an Endowment Fund, or we will get it quickly working in the community in the case of a Flow Through Fund.

Types Of Fund

We manage two main types of charitable funds on behalf of our donors – but the structure of these can vary according to your needs.

Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund enables your donation to support future generations in perpetuity. Funds are placed with our investment houses and grants are awarded annually from the funds’ income, avoiding the legal, fiscal and time burdens associated with setting up your own charity or trust. We will shape this fund to ensure your philanthropic aims are met.

Flow-Through Fund

A Flow-Through Fund enables grant-making to community groups and organisations right away. Donations are usually made annually to this type of fund, with grants awarded in line with the agreed objectives. We manage all the legal and governance issues to ensure the grants made are effective.

"What attracted us to the Foundation was their expert knowledge of local need. The research and due diligence carried out by the team allows us to be confident that our donations are going where they are most needed to make a real difference."

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