Celebrating Small Charity Week 2024 with Jacqui Scott, CEO of HIWCF

It’s Small Charity Week here in the UK…did you know that 96% of the charities working in the UK are deemed to be small charities – ones with income under £1 million per annum?   Here’s some you might not have realised are small charities… 

Riding for the Disabled groups are almost all small charities…run by local volunteers with local Trustees, and often with local landowners lending land and ponies.  


Home Start – a very well recognised name in our area – is also lots of small charities?  Again, local volunteers, trustees and fundraising opportunities!   


Age UK – also has lots of small locally registered individual charities delivering its work on the ground.  


Not to mention the local charities that don’t have “brand recognition” – I could go through the alphabet naming names – A is for Aspire Ryde; B is for Breakout Youth; C is for City of Sanctuary…  


What do they all have in common?  Well, in terms of governance – they are all registered charities in their own rights.  (And of course, there are loads of CICs, CIOs, sports clubs etc who would fit the financial criteria of “small”). 


But to me, what is much more important and compelling about small charities is: 

Local volunteers 

Local trustees 

Local staff  

Local supporters 

Local fundraising opportunities  

Local knowledge… 


And more than any other charities I have worked with (and there’s been a few now!) small charities are very often founded and driven by people personally affected by the issues they are aiming to address, and are surrounded by more people who care or are affected by those issues too.  The passion, drive, enthusiasm – call it what you will – to make a wrong thing right, burns bright in the small charity sector.