Understanding our impact

We have a simple model that measures our impact. 

We aim to avoid creating an onerous level of reporting on small community groups. Around our impact model is a carefully structured “scaffold” which maps all of our impact categories against the sustainable development goals (SDG), the index of multiple deprivation (IMD) and the Thriving Places Index (TPI). However, we don’t expect our funded groups to articulate how their work maps against those national and international measures. Instead, to keep within a simplified framework, we ask them to select at least one of our six impact goals when they apply for funding.  These impact goals are:

Poverty and Inequality (cross cutting)

HIWCF… funds work that tackles poverty and inequality


Employability and Skills

HIWCF… funds work that champions employability and helps people develop the skills to succeed.


Flourishing Communities

HIWCF…. funds work that involves and connects people to local services and activities, strengthening their communities.


Health and Wellbeing

HIWCF… funds work that improves health and wellbeing.


Crime and Safety

HIWCF… funds work that increases safety and respect within communities.


The Environment 

HWCF…. funds initiatives that are good for you, good for the environment.


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