‘We’re All Together’ Fund Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Who can apply to the Fund?
Grants will go to local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations that meet the standard criteria for funding.

2. What types of projects will you support?
This is a rapidly developing situation, and as a result, the focus of the Fund will continue to evolve in line with need and help required. The Fund will currently support projects that help:

– Older people at risk (typically over the age of 70)
– Vulnerable people with medical conditions
– Those that are isolated and therefore have limited support networks

Funding will also be awarded to organisations providing direct services and support to people with low or insecure incomes e.g. those on universal credit, and to those working with school-age children in disadvantaged communities. We want to support community groups working together, particularly in smaller geographical communities. We therefore encourage a partnership approach.

3. Which people need help in particular?
The idea is to support people who are self-isolating, especially people without nearby family, elderly people, and people with a disability or long-term health condition such as cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease.

4. Can newly established, local aid groups apply?
Not at the moment. We’re aware many people have joined community efforts in Hampshire to look after the most vulnerable in society by volunteering to pick up shopping, deliver medicine etc. This is something we warmly welcome and the Covid-19 Mutual Aid website provides advice on how to set up a local mutual aid group, including important guidance on safety and security. Currently we are only able to support constituted charitable organisations. We will be reviewing how we can support coordination of and support to new community-level self-help groups. We are encouraging representatives of new and small groups to contact their local Community Resilience Groups that are working to ensure that voluntary effort is coordinated and offering a joined up approach where possible:

 5. Can groups apply for loss of income?
We recognise that many small, local charities and community groups will be worried about the impact of COVID-19 on their income and fundraising. Our immediate priority is supporting groups who are providing activities to those who are most vulnerable. We cannot currently meet the need arising from loss of income. However should the Fund receive sufficient donations, we will consider applications for loss of income in a secondary phase of the Fund.

6. Can groups apply more than once?
If organisations are providing ongoing support or have incurred costs they hadn’t expected, we may consider subsequent grant requests, but we encourage them to contact us before applying.

7. Can individuals and households apply?
We understand COVID-19 pandemic is having, and will continue to have, a big impact on individuals and families in our area. Our Fund has been set up to support charitable organisations that can help people most affected. We are not providing grants directly to individuals or families. If you are worried about money or other issues, you can contact a CAB www.citizensadvice.org.uk or other local advice centre www.adviceuk.org.uk/looking-for-advice

 8. Can businesses apply?
We understand COVID-19 pandemic is having, and will continue to have, a big impact on individuals and families in our area. Our Fund has been set up to support charitable organisations that can help people most affected. We are not providing grants directly to businesses. We recommend that you contact Hampshire Chamber of Commerce on https://www.hampshirechamber.co.uk/ for advice and guidance.

 9. How does this Fund relate to the national appeal?
The National Emergencies Trust has launched a UK-wide fundraising appeal in partnership with the British Red Cross to support local charities. We expect that some of the money raised will be allocated to us to award in grants in Hampshire. We plan to run this alongside our ‘We’re All Together’ Fund. We do not yet have further details but recommend you keep an eye on our website as we’ll publish more information when we have it.

 10. How do groups apply?
Application forms are available from our website. We aim to process applications as quickly as possible. There are no deadline dates and the grants panel will meet on a regular basis.

 11. Where can my group go for extra support?
There’s lots of good advice out there, including from Action Hampshire and the local Voluntary Service organisations across Hampshire, which we encourage you to look at.

Organisations that are currently in Receipt of a Grant from the Community Foundation

My group already has recently received funding for a project, which cannot take place due to COVID-19. Can I use the money for something else?
We understand you may need to use your funding to help cover sickness, purchase equipment, or deliver services differently, and we will be reasonable if you need to adapt your activities and budget your grant differently to ensure your work can continue BUT before you do this, you MUST get in touch with us on 01962 798700 to discuss your change of spend.

 Our project that you have funded has been cancelled or postponed, but you require that the funding is to be spent within 12 months.  Can we get an extension for spending the money?
Yes, but please contact us on 01962 798700 to let us know what is happening and how/when you intend to reschedule the project. We will be flexible with the spending timeframe and will also extend your monitoring report due date accordingly.