Working with Charitable Trusts and national funders

An existing charitable trust fund can be reinvigorated through HIWCF simply and easily.

HIWCF works with established local Trusts and Foundations that wish to transfer the management of their entire trust over to HIWCF, or to outsource part or all of their charitable grant making to ensure that local grant programmes are managed efficiently and cost-effectively. We can provide a similar service to Local Authorities.

Through our membership of umbrella organisation UK Community Foundations, we work alongside the network of 47 community foundations across the UK to implement national grant making programmes at a local level. Our partnerships in recent years with well known national bodies such as Comic Relief, Lottery Funds (Big Lottery and Arts Council), National Emergencies Trust, British Red Cross and The Freemasons’ charity, have enabled us to channel vital resources into local community causes across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. HIWCF has also managed complex contract funding through the European Social Fund with matched funding from several local authorities.

For funders wishing to support a wider geographic area across England, for example across the South East, we work in close partnership with our neighbouring community foundations to provide seamless funding across a larger area.

Trust Transfers

The Foundation offers a service to take over the management of existing charitable trusts, which over time may have become ‘ineffective’ (those that have spent less than 30% of their income) or ‘dormant’ (those that have spent no money for 5 years). If you transfer your Trusts assets to HIWCF, we will revitalise the aims of the Trust, making grants in line with the original objectives of the fund. These revitalised grants make such a difference for smaller charities and community groups and have a significant impact on the lives of those in need in local communities.

When to turn to HIWCF

The Revitalising Trusts Initiative encourages all charity trustees to consider working with their local Community Foundation, particularly if the following statements apply to the management of your trust:

The Benefits of Working With HIWCF

By placing responsibility of your Trust with HIWCF, you can be assured of the following:

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