Corporate Giving

Supporting your local community

Your business is an integral part of the community in which you operate, offering employment to local people and generating wealth for the local area.

We see many examples of businesses in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight seeking to support their local community but often struggling to strategically manage all the requests for donations they receive from local charities.

What are the benefits of a corporate named fund?

By having a Corporate Named Fund with us, our expertise ensures your charitable giving remains effective and has real impact. Your fund can be relevant to your industry or the geographical area in which your business operates.

We manage all requests for support and all grant awards made, letting you get on with growing your business activities. We can act as a gatekeeper, enabling your staff to focus on their work for the business.

We support you to ensure your giving is active, planned and tied closely to your business values and Corporate Social Responsibility plans.

We manage communications and create PR opportunities relating to your fund set up and grants awarded

What are the benefits to your Employees?

We can involve your staff in deciding which charities to support and arrange visits to the projects that have been funded, creating opportunities for enhanced staff engagement.

We provide regular reports on your charitable giving, supporting staff and stakeholder communications.

“The community foundation plays a hugely important role in helping us understand which organisations are out there doing great work and can then help us to deliver against our strategic goals of helping to address the barriers to social and financial inclusion”
Sharon Orr
Social Impact Programme Manager
Moneybarn & Vanquis Banking Group

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