Working with Professional Advisors

More and more independent financial advisors are being asked for high-quality advice regarding philanthropy. Clients are interested in the financial return on their giving, the impact they can have on their local community and the legacy they can leave.

In your capacity as a professional advisor, solicitor, accountant or wealth manager, partnering with HIWCF will enable us to meet your clients’ charitable goals together. We can offer a suite of advice and services according to what your clients need – from inexpensive grant making advice or managing Flow Through grant funding, right through to creating an Endowment Fund through a Will or immediate donations. We can work with you and your client to find the most suitable, tax efficient option for them and their families.

How We Can Help

HIWCF provides a range of personalised, flexible and stress-free solutions that will meet or exceed your clients’ needs and expectations:

Benefits For Your Clients

Working with HIWCF allows your clients to structure their giving in a tax-efficient way, offering an enjoyable alternative to creating a new charitable trust, which can be complicated and costly to set up and manage.

The benefits for your clients of giving through the Foundation are:

Set up a fund

Find out more about the types of HIWCF funds we have available to support donors with their charitable giving.

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