Working with Professional Advisors

How we can help

More and more Professional Advisers are being asked for advice around philanthropy and charitable giving. Clients may want to give something to their community on a local or hyper-local level.  We can support Professional Advisors, such as solicitors, accountants and wealth managers to find tailored solutions in these circumstances.


Our Grants team works with community groups on their applications for grants, giving them advice and support throughout. Applications are carefully assessed to ensure grants are only made to groups which fulfil our stringent due diligence requirements – assuring that we are safeguarding donations.

Local or hyper local giving plans

We have extensive knowledge of the local community organisations in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and are uniquely placed to provide guidance on the most effective local or hyper local giving plan.  We can work with your clients to develop a giving plan that matches the causes they most want to support, and ensure their donation really does reach the areas most in need of help.

Insight to local communities

Donors gain genuine insight into the impact of their grants, through our Seeing Is Believing visits. We provide opportunities to meet with the staff, volunteers and beneficiaries at the organisations supported by their grants. We also provide direct updates, webinars, an Annual Review and, when needed, tailored reporting, giving donors a deep insight into the work of the communities their funds support. 

Flexible giving options

We can set up an Endowment Fund or one off grant making (a Flow Through Fund) which can be tailored to suit a donor’s requirements. Donors can also choose to pool their funding to support our flagship programme, Including Communities.

Professional investment management

We work with two Investment Management Firms to invest our endowment funds. Our experienced Trustees build the value of our charitable funds, to ensure that year after year, donations are working for our communities.

Due diligence & administration

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation takes care of all the due diligence, accounting and reporting to the Charity Commission for each of our donor funds. This means we offer a much simpler approach than setting up a new stand-alone Charitable Trust or Foundation.

Value for money

HIWCF provides a comprehensive grant making and philanthropic advice service for a small contribution towards our running costs. A small team of experienced staff work closely with our voluntary Board of Trustees to ensure we are cost effective and focused in our strategic aims. 

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